Very Hot Today & PM Storms

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 76° by 7 PM 

Another cluster of non-severe thunderstorms looks to be making its way south from Kentucky. If the storms hold together, we may see them within an hour or so.

As things keep cooling off this evening, shower/storm activity should begin to diminish, especially after the sun sets (7:55 PM):

What is not “swag” is that we’re under a Heat Advisory:

But, it is expected to expire at 7 PM. It may be extended through tomorrow. We’ll let you know.

WEDNESDAY – Hot Again – Wake Up: 76º, High 94°

The heat returns tomorrow….

…with highs back in the mid 90°s and heat index values back in the 100°-105° range.

We’ll have to keep a close eye on those heat index values, because they’ll be getting awfully close to Heat Advisory territory tomorrow.

Good news: we’re expecting a cold front to push through the area late tomorrow/early Thursday!

Not so awesome news: it’ll be a pretty weak front, and won’t do a whole lot for our temps.

It will bring us another shot at PM showers and storms, though.

The severe risk is marginal:

Any showers/thunderstorms should hold off until later in the afternoon as a the front gets closer:

Rain is likely overnight as the boundary continues to move slowly through:

THURSDAY – A Bit Drier After the Front – Wake Up: 75º, High: 91º

Life after the front moves out early on Thursday won’t look much different.

However, you’ll probably notice less humidity in the air. Also, rain will stay to our south:

Extended: Nice Day (for July) on Friday


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