Update On Our Rain Chances

Current Radar

Monday – Rain/Storms Possible – High: 95°

Rain and weak thunderstorms sat to our NW this morning. Before fizzling, it sent an outflow boundary in our direction.

That boundary may be the focus of rain and thunderstorm development this afternoon.

The odds of anything strong or severe are pretty small. Storm Prediction Center has us inside a “marginal” risk, which, on a scale of 0 to 5, is a 1.

Why? Winds aloft look pretty weak. Widespread severe weather is not expected, but we may see a few storms misbehave during the hottest part of the day.

That said, rain is not guaranteed. The HRRR model spaces the showers out pretty far:

Notice that line of showers crossing the Mississippi River around 10 PM. That’s being pushed our way by a cold front. Rain should arrive overnight or very early Tuesday morning.

Monday’s high remains 94°, but we may not make it there if we cloud up. Humidity remains high, and our Heat Advisory is still in effect until tonight.

Tuesday – Cloudier, Not As Hot – High 91°

With cloud cover comes “cooler” temps. It’s still going to be as-humid. Sorry.

Rain – and “regular” thunderstorms – will be more likely than Monday, but nothing organized or severe is expected.

Wednesday – Slightly Drier & Cooler – High 88°

It’ll still be hot and humid. Just not like it will be today.

Dewpoints in the upper 60°s indicates high levels of moisture, so we can’t completely rule out rain chances. Of the three days, Wednesday generally looks to be the driest.

Extended: Slightly Lower Humidity, But It’s Still July

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