One More Day of the Bad Heat

Current Radar

Today, we hit 94°.

With the dewpoint well over 70° all afternoon, the heat index has been over 100°. The heat is

In both counties, apparently.

Monday – Heat Advisory Continues – High: 95°

The heat and humidity combo will be a lot like Sunday has been.

The heat index will get as high as 104°.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms remain possible in the afternoon.

Tuesday – Slightly Better Chance of Rain, Therefore Cooler – High 91°

It’ll still be 91°, so “slightly cooler” is kind of a dumb thing to say.

Temps aloft will cool off. This will make more shade-making clouds, and also make a shower/thunderstorm a little more likely. We aren’t really sure where they’ll land.

They may land on us.

Extended: Slightly Lower Humidity, But It’s Still July

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