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Heat Advisory Continues. When Will It Rain?

Current Radar

Hot Today. Hot Tomorrow. Hot Monday.

It got hot today.

We hit 94° with a dew point of 73°. That’s a heat index of 104°.

The heat will not relent. A Heat Advisory is in effect for the next two afternoons.

The humidity isn’t going anywhere.

The heat index will range between 103° and 107° both afternoons.

We may see “slight relief” from the heat Tuesday as a weak frontal boundary presents small rain chances. Don’t get excited, we’ll still have low 90°s.

What About Rain?

Probably not.

The best chance of rain is north of 40 and east of 65, mainly during the afternoon Sunday and Monday.

There’s nothing to set off the storms, so basically, we’ll just sit here and boil, and see if anything bubbles up.

Tuesday, that weak front shows up, and maybe it’ll make some rain. The GFS model illustrates this rather immaturely:

Extended: Still Pretty Hot. 

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