Feels Like 100°+ This Weekend

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 89º by 7 PM 

Conditions will remain very warm, humid, and rain-free this evening.

Great for outdoor plans! Not so great if you don’t like to sweat. Surely I can’t be serious?

SATURDAY – Feels Like 100°-105° – Wake Up: 75°, High: 97º

The good news about this weekend: no rain to ruin your plans!

The not so good news about this weekend: crazy hot temperatures.

Note: in the above image, you can see that this model is picking up on some rain to our south and east. The best chances for showers/storms this weekend will be to our east, near the Plateau. High pressure is not steering their weather as much as it is ours, so their rain chances are a bit better. 

Okay, it could be worse. But, we’re still looking at highs in the upper 90°s tomorrow with high humidity. That’ll push our heat index values up to the 100°-105° mark.

You know the drill: stay hydrated, wear loose, light-colored clothes, take plenty of breaks if you’re outside often, and don’t overdo it.

Also, 3 checks: check the backseat, check on friends and neighbors, and check on your pets!

We’ll stay dry through the evening, as well:

Expect warm and humid conditions overnight, with lows in the upper 70°s.

SUNDAY – Another Scorcher – Wake Up: 77°, High: 96º

Hot and dry conditions will follow us into Sunday, as well:

With no rain chances to provide relief from the heat, we’ll need to continue to be heat safe all weekend.

Heat index values will likely read back in the 100°-105° range on Sunday.

EXTENDED: Better Rain Chances Return Monday 


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