Heat Building Through the Weekend

Current Radar

THIS EVENING – 85º by 7 PM 

Dry, warm conditions will continue into the evening hours. Outdoor plans are most definitely a GO today!

Skies will be clear overnight, with lows in the low 70ºs.

FRIDAY – Temps on the Rise – Wake Up: 72°, High: 94º

A warm front will drag across the area early Friday morning, and may bring a few showers with it:

Otherwise, rain chances are just about 0 for the rest of the day. You’ll also notice slightly higher humidity tomorrow, as well as hotter afternoon temperatures.

Highs will be back in the mid 90ºs. Blahhh.

SATURDAY – Heat Index Concerns? – Wake Up: 74°, High: 97º

The first day of the weekend will bring us much of the same: hot and little chance for rain.

With high temperatures creeping back into the upper 90ºs and humidity back up into the oppressive range, we may have heat index values between 100º and 105º by Saturday afternoon.


Yay, summer…

EXTENDED:  Very HOT Again on Sunday

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