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Monday Storms North, Tuesday Storms East, Storms Here?

Current Radar

Monday – High 95°; Storms North?

The heat index will soar past 100° Monday afternoon.

If you must wear denim, choose jorts.

The Storm Prediction Center expects severe thunderstorms to be ongoing tomorrow night to our north (this bad news for the Home Run Derby in Cincinnati).

All that said, I’m not finding much support in the weather models for the idea storms up north are going to make it here Monday night.

NWS gives us an ETA of “After 8 PM.” If you want to see some real action, you’ll have to go pretty far north for a good chance to see it.

Tuesday – Storms East? – High 93°

The storm threat shifts from the north of us Monday, to the east of us Tuesday.

Tuesday is “better” day for us to see bad weather, but again, most of the weather models are sending the pain east of us.


Expect this forecast to shift tomorrow as more data comes in. For now, I’m feeling like Amy Gardner

Extended: Warm, muggy, and showers continue through the week…

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