Better Fireworks Weather Tonight

Current Radar

Tonight – Pretty Nice

For tonight’s Fourth of July 2.0, the weather will be much better. Those Fine Americans who braved the rain in Nashville for fireworks last night had to contend with low clouds which made the show look like a Grateful Dead concert. Clouds were forming at 356 meters, which is under 1,200 feet. Not good fireworks weather.

We aren’t expecting a repeat of that tonight. LCL heights (see below if you don’t believe me) will be almost 4 times higher at 9 PM, 1,231 meters, which is over 4,000 feet.

That’s better fireworks weather. We aren’t expecting rain, either. A great way to celebrate our Women’s World Cup win over Japan.

Monday & Tuesday – Humidity Returns! – High 87° (Mon) 88° (Tue)

No reason to separate these two forecast days. The dewpoint will pass 70°, frizzing all hair.

I can only speculate that she’s talking the dewpoint. She may be talking about Ben. Not sure.

With this much moisture in the air, a few randomly appearing showers and storms are possible.

Storms Monday aren’t expected to be severe, but for Tuesday, the SPC outlook is pretty close to us.

We’ll keep an eye on it.


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