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After The Storms…

Current Radar

*Updated with Severe Thunderstorm Watch at 11:50 AM – Kaiti* 

TODAY – Storms Gone…For Today – High: 83º

Both the HRRR model (shown) and the NAM4 model (not shown) agree that this afternoon’s activity will be southeast of us well before 7 PM:

However, as the pink arrow above indicates, more rain may arrive late tonight:

Showers and some storms are possible through the overnight hours. But I think your awake-time tonight should be OK for going out, Sounds game, etc.

Temperatures overnight will fall to around 70°.

THURSDAY – Slight Risk for Severe Storms Once Again – Wake Up: 70°, High: 81º

As of this morning, we are under a slight risk tomorrow, as well:

We’ll likely get off to a rainy start, followed by more afternoon showers and storms:

So, what is causing all of this rain? I like to think of it as the Disturbance Carousel:

The dip in the jet stream over the eastern US is allowing for disturbances (rainmakers) to continue to move through the Midwest and swing rain/storms our way.

Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be able to shake this pattern before the 4th of July this weekend.

Start making indoor plans, just in case.

EXTENDED:  Dodging Storms on the 4th 

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