Wet, Stormy Week Ahead

Current Radar

Tonight, We Sleep in Peace

Monday – Humidity, Rain & Storm Chances Return – High 87°

Reopening Monday, the I-24 Storm Corridor, where rain and storms get here by moving from NW-to-SE.

The first of a series of shortwaves this week is already ongoing as I write this in Missouri.

HRRR has it cruising the I-24 overnight, weakening, arriving and dropping rain on us in the morning. Here it is through 7 AM:

A second shortwave is expected around dark. ETA is fuzzy. The NAM4 has it at 6 PM:

The Storm Prediction Center still has us in their “Marginal” risk of severe thunderstorms. On a scale of 0 (squadoosh) to 5 (move to Mars), this is a “1.”

So, not that big a deal, but something to keep an eye on.

Tuesday – Better Chance of Rain & Storms – High 86°

A third shortwave will swing down 24 in the afternoon. The best ETA is in the late afternoon, early evening, but the timing on that remains iffy.

Some of the storms could be strong or severe. We remain only outlooked in a “Marginal” risk by the Storm Prediction Center.

Mid-Week: Rain & Storm Chances Increase

Storms Wednesday and Thursday have severe potential if it arrives at the right time of day. However, the better probability is a heavy rain event.

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