Tomorrow, The I-24 Storm Corridor Reopens

Current Radar

Today – Low Humidity, Sunny, No Rain – High 82°

Yesterday’s cold front scoured away all the humidity.

Monday – Rain & Storm Chances Return – High 85°

Tomorrow, God reopens the I-24 Storm Corridor, the traditional path of NW-to-SE moving summertime showers and storms.

The first of a series of shortwaves this week will develop to our NW late Sunday night, delivering us a rain mechanism Monday.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s wonderful north wind will turn into a south wind, and return humid, storm-making dewpoints.

This should swing some storms down I-24:

The Storm Prediction Center has us in their “Marginal” risk of severe thunderstorms. On a scale of 0 (squadoosh) to 5 (move to Mars), this is a “1.”

So, not that big a deal, but something to keep an eye on. SPC sees storm potential in this setup. The wrote this morning they may consider upgrading this to a “2” (Slight Risk). A review of forecast soundings shows plenty of storm-able energy in place, but relatively low instability and weak shear.

We’ll update this here tonight and on Twitter all day @NashSevereWx.

Tuesday – Better Chance of Rain & Storms – High 85°

The second shortwave will swing down 24 in the afternoon. The best ETA is in the late afternoon, early evening, but the timing on that is a bit fuzzy.

Mid-Week: Rain & Storm Chances Remain

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