Summer’s Here! (Storms This Weekend?)

Current Radar

Tonight – Rain Exiting

The rain we saw this afternoon stayed S of 40, and is moving out as I am writing this.

Tuesday – Another Hot Day – High: 94°

The upper level high continues to hover over us, letting temperatures rise a few degrees.

Another hot day indeed with mostly sunny skies and a dew point at 73°.

The heat index value will approach 105°.

(This gif is for Kaiti and her love for french bulldogs.)

Wednesday – Mostly Sunny with Afternoon Showers Possible – Waking Up: 75° H: 96°

The NAM and GFS are showing some pop up showers and thunderstorms after 1:00 pm. It will not be a washout, just brief showers throughout the afternoon into the evening. Most of us probably won’t see anything at all.

Still very hot, but as the rain chances increase Wednesday evening into the later part of the week, the heat index will drop to 100° and upper 90s.

Extended: Cooler, Rainier (Stormy?)

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.49.30 AM

Usually in the summer, there’s plenty of potential thunderstorm energy in place, but no real large scale forcing mechanism (like a cold front) to set it off.

That may change Friday night or Saturday as the general weather pattern shifts.

Both the GFS and Euro weather models are advertising the approach of a cold front. In an environment with plenty of potential energy and shear, we may see a storm “event.” However, this would by very unusual for late June, so this far away we need to remain skeptical of this set-up. More details tomorrow. We’ll see if the weather models hold on to it.

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