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One More Day of “Spring”

Current Radar

We got around 1″ of rain yesterday. As always, it varies on location. 24 hour rain totals through 7 AM:

Today – Clearing Out; Windy – High 88°

The tropical system responsible for last night’s rain is moving east. The HRRR model illustrates:

The HRRR also suggest clouds will move out shortly after noon.

Winds will blow from the west at around 15 MPH.

Sunday – Summer Begins, We Bake – High 95°

Summer officially starts at 11:39 AM Sunday.

Even bad guys know what to do.

Although let’s not emulate the wardrobe.

Rain chances are nowhere to be found.

This isn’t going to be a dry heat. With dew points in the low 70°s, there will be plenty of humidity. This will send the heat index (“feels like”) temp into dangerous levels (100° to 105°), and likely prompt heat advisories into the work week.

Rest of the Week: Temps Very Close To 100°

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