Current Radar

We hit 90° today. The dewpoint reached 71°. The heat/humidity duo sent heat indicies in the low-to-mid 90°s.

A few showers popped up in Williamson County, but as for all the showers in Middle Tennessee today, nothing could get going. Showers were knocked down by sinking air.

Tonight – Very Small Rain Chance – 81° at 10 PM

It’ll be a hot, muggy night. Not expecting any rain or thunderstorms tonight, but we don’t want to rule out a sprinkler drifting over #CMAFest and LP Field. Sprinkler would probably be nice.

Monday – More Heat – High 94°, Max Heat Index 96°

A rainer or two is possible, but really unlikely.

Tuesday – Make It Stop – High 93°, Heat Index 97°

Better Rain Chances Return Wednesday

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