This Weekend, We Bake

Current Radar

Tonight – Watching To See If/Where It’ll Rain 

This is the classic Nashville summertime pattern. Gets hot, it’s already humid, and downpours pop up afternoon, last into the early evening, then die off. This happened close to and just south of downtown, in Thompson’s Station/Franklin, and between Brentwood and Nolensville. None of them were little sprinklers, but they barely moved, and collapsed after a few hours. Where will they be today?

We don’t really know where, but they’ll be somewhere in Middle Tennessee.

The HRRR model thinks the showers will be several places tonight:

Notice it likes downtown. Heads up this afternoon/tonight at CMA Fest. A different model, the NAM4, thinks the rain will be stay east of us.

Some of these could turn into thunderstorms, but nothing severe is expected.

Friday – Chance of Rain A Little Higher – Wake Up: 72º, High: 92º

Little bit more humid for Friday. The heat index will hit 96°.

More rain/storm making energy to our south will arrive Friday and last through the weekend, so we think the odds are slightly better you’ll see rain or a “regular” thunderstorm Friday afternoon into the evening.

CMA Music Fest: Saturday (91°) & Sunday (92°)

Hot and humid.

Take an umbrella and/or rain jacket with you, and be sure to stick with us on Twitter. We’ll be watching the radar for pop up rain/storms. We may see some downpours or a few thunderstorms wander over downtown.

Drink lots of water.

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