Rain is Gone (for today); Heat and Humidity Stay

Current Temps and Radar

Tonight – Rain Gone, Still Humid 

After a lot of rain early this afternoon (officially 0.63″ at the airport), we should be relatively dry tonight. “Little if any [rain] redevelopment is expected,” says our NWS.

But it’s still humid.

Dewpoints are now 70°, and should settle back into the mid to upper 60°s tomorrow and the rest of the week. Bad news for hair-dos.

Wednesday – Afternoon Pop-Up Showers Possible – High 87°

We’re finally getting into that summertime pattern: muggy but not-raining in the morning, gets hotter in the afternoon, few showers or thunderstorms pop up in random places and occasionally misbehave, then die out. Most of us stay dry, but the popped-up-on places get soaked.

However, for Wednesday and Thursday, relatively drier air will be in place. The chance of you getting a rainer is still there, but it’ll be nothing like what we saw today.

This pattern will continue for the rest of the week.

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