Heat of the Day Storms

Current Temps and Radar

Sunday – Heat of the Day Rain, Maybe a Thunderstorm – High 84°

We think it’s going to rain at some point this afternoon or early evening.

They’re going to bubble up in the heat of the day across Middle Tennessee, but we cannot be sure they’ll bubble up over us.

HRRR thinks the radar will look like this at 3 PM:

And this at 5 PM:

But, we don’t really know. I don’t say that to promise rain at 3 PM but not at 5 PM. Only want to illustrate the point: heat of the day rain, storms are possible.

NWS says “We do not expect severe storms today, but a couple of strong storms with frequent lightning and gusts over 30 MPH are possible.”

The setting sun is expected to shut off our rain/storm chances tonight; however, late tonight, we may be tracking an east-moving thunderstorm cluster from West Tennessee. But, NWS-Nashville thinks it’ll weaken on approach. So, no big deal. Just more rain.

Monday – Rain & Storms – High 82°

We remain in a very warm and humid airmass, so expect so more rain. Officially, we’re forecast to get 0.32″. Rain won’t last all day, but I’m not comfortable putting down ETAs right now.

This environment may support a few thunderstorms, supported by some of the boundaries laid down by rain and storms we will see Sunday night.

But, no severe weather is expected due to insufficient wind shear.

Tuesday – Cold Front Arrives, Maybe a Shower – High 81°

The passage of the cold front will be pretty uneventful. We may see a few showers, but no big deal. Very little rain – maybe nothing at all – is expected.

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