Cooler and Sunny Today and Tomorrow

Current Temps and Radar

This Evening – 69º by 7 PM 

It’s going to be a really nice evening, with skies remaining clear and temps in the upper 60ºs!

Wednesday – Another Dry Day – Wake Up: 52º, High: 77º

Tomorrow will be very similar today: sunny skies and deflated rain chances….

Okay, I promise I’m done with to suspend the Brady jokes now. 

That high pressure system will still be in control for a large part of the country, actually:

Temperatures may bump up a degree or two tomorrow, but overall it’ll still be a nice day.

Dew points will still be low tomorrow, as well, keeping our air dry.

Thursday – Warming Up a Bit & Staying Dry – Wake Up: 55º, High: 82º

Rain will begin to head our way Thursday, but the dry air we’ll have in place will keep it from reaching us:

Rain chances look a little better by Friday.



Sneak Peek: Ellie’s Run Forecast – Saturday 5/16

You can see above in the extended that we’re at a 50% chance of rain for Saturday.

Here’s the model output:

It’s looking like we won’t have the moisture in place to support more than a few showers. Severe weather won’t be an issue, though.

We will update the Ellie’s Run forecast each day this week, so keep checking back! 

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