Today was the last awesome day of the work week

Current Temps and Radar

Rest of Today – Sun & A Few Clouds – High: Seventy Something

Between 7 PM and midnight, we should drop from the low/mid 60°s into the upper 40°s.

Today will be the last awesome day of the work week.

Wednesday – End of the Good Times – Wake Up 38°, High 60°

We wake up cold.

Then wait for a cold rain.

The good news is that the rain should hold off until after dark, but I’m a little nervous about that. It could start sooner. If you have outdoor stuff to do, get it done before dark.

Not expecting a frog-strangler, but the rain will linger overnight and into Thursday.

Thursday – Rainy – Wake Up 45°, High 54°

A drizzly, rainy, third-of-an-incher. Rain may linger into Friday, just enough to raise the blood pressure of local baseball and soccer associations.

But it’s not like you’re planning to be outside, right? (ignore the Play button; that’s a screenshot).

We need one of these elephants to block the cold.


The weekend looks pretty good. Colder-than-normal temps possible next week.

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