Rain Thursday Night

Current Temps and Radar

Thursday – March 12th 

Dry For Most of the Day – Wake Up: 47˚, High: 67˚

We’re not rid of the rain yet, but the end is in sight. First, we have to deal with a low pressure system.

Thursday will be cloudy, but PM temps will continue to be warmer than normal. Models have the rain staying to our west until the evening before it makes its triumphant return.

The big thing we’re going to have to watch with this is what track the low takes. Up to this point, it looked like it would move over the western part of Tennessee, putting us in prime position for a lot of rain.

Now, it looks to move even further to the west, putting the bulk of the rain further west as well. Models and the NWS, are backing off on how much rain we’ll get.

We’re talking 1-2″ versus 2-3″, hence the lack of flood watches being issued. This is a good thing. 

We’ll watch this closely for you, and will know much more by this time tomorrow. 

Friday – March 13th 

Another Wet Day – Wake Up: 53˚, High: 62˚

Regardless of how the low tracks, Friday will be a rainy and cloudy day.

No severe weather, or superstitious/magical/scary weather events, are expected with this system. Two thumbs waaaaaay way up!

Extended: The rain will linger into Saturday before ending on Sunday. (LOOK! THE SUN!) 

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