Wanted: The Sun

Current Temps and Radar

Wednesday – March 11th 

A Brief Lull in the Heavy Rainfall; A Few Sprinklers – Wake Up: 52˚, High: 64˚

Yesterday, I mentioned that we would have two low pressure systems bringing us rain this week. #1 moves out late Tuesday.

Before #2 arrives, we’ll have a slight break in rainfall on Wednesday. Showers will linger in the early morning and maybe even during your morning commute.

By Wednesday afternoon, the bulk of the rain will be to our southeast, giving our grounds a break and a chance to catch up to the rain we’ve already had.

Thursday – March 12th 

It’s Baaaaaack – Wake Up: 50˚, High: 67˚

Here is system #2, arriving Thursday afternoon.

This system could bring 2″ to 3″ more rain, on top of what we will have already received. (Because of this, we’ll be watching for a Flood Watch from the NWS sometime on Wednesday. When we know, you’ll know.)

Once this rain starts, it will pretty much be a thorn in our sides until Sunday morning.

Bottom line: we expect to get quite a bit of rain through this weekend. However, these totals will not come anywhere close to the totals seen in May of 2010.

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