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So Much Rain

Current Temps and Radar

Tuesday – March 10th — Very Rainy Day – Wake Up: 49°, High: 63˚

Rain will continue through the early morning hours and run through the evening.

Your morning commute will be rainy and messy. Your evening commute will also be rainy and messy.

More than 1.5″ of rain is expected. Add that to already saturated grounds and the likelihood of more rain the rest of this week, and we need to be aware of the flooding potential. 

Wednesday – March 11th – More Rain, Just Not As Much – Wake Up: 53˚, High: 64˚

Another dreary and wet day on tap for Hump Day. Showers are likely, though not as heavy or frequent as what we’ll see Tuesday.

More Rain is Coming!

Rain should total around 5″ through Saturday night:

Note, however, this much rain is not even close to the epic rain during the Great Flood of May 2010.

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