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Little Snow Tonight?

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Tonight: Snow Sliding In?

As we wrote this morning, rain systems will pass to our south over the next 2 or 3 days.

The first comes tonight/overnight.

To deal with this I decided to make this low quality YouTube video (where went the HD button?):

If you can’t watch it: as the system moves closer to us, it’ll encounter drier air. We think there may be a brief dusting S of I-40, but even that is unlikely. “Dusting at most.”

Monday – Below Freezing – Wake Up 19°, High 29°

Wake up wind chills Monday morning will be in the single digits, and won’t warm past the teens all day.

24 hours after Sunday night’s iffy snow event, an almost identically iffy/light snow event is possible. That system looks like it’s going to pass even further to our south.

Rest of the week: BLERG.

Friday-Sunday, the following pattern remains possible:

1. Rain/Snow mix at night.

2. Transitioning to light snow after midnight.

3. Then transitioning to rain during the day.

Long term, we think temps will finally make it to the 50°s.

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