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A Peek at the Weekend

Current Temps and Radar

Rest of Tuesday – Chilly, Clouds Gradually Clearing – Afternoon High 44°

The clouds should clear out after dark.

Wednesday – Warmer, Sunny – Wake Up 27°, High 49°

Thursday – Another Clipper System, A Little Rain – Wake Up 38°, High 54°

A “clipper system” is nerd for a precip-maker that arrives from the NW. It can be a snow producer.

Not this time, though.

Just rain, but not a terrible cold rain. And there won’t be much of it.

Rest of the Week

Two weeks ago, medium-range weather models were advertising a Super Bowl Snowbomb. We were looking at the models with a healthy and deserved dose of skepticism:

Now that we’re closer to it, we’re feeling a bit better that:

1.  It will rain, not snow, starting late Saturday night/early Sunday.

2.  There will be a lot of rain Sunday. Not necessarily flooding, but a lot of rain.

3.  As the rain pulls away late Sunday night, we may see a few flakes.

This forecast may change, but go ahead and prepare emotionally for a rainy Super Bowl Sunday.

The long range trend looks bleh:

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