Snow Unlikely But Possible Tonight; Little/No Accumulation

Current Temps and Radar

Tonight expect a cold, intermittent rain to continue. The rain is being generated by a low pressure center moving east across Kentucky. This is the same system poised to smith the east coast with blizzard conditions.

Tonight, “graupel” is possible — that’s the tiny, frozen precip created by very cold temperatures overhead.

Surface temps will be way too warm to cause any frozen precip travel shenanigans this evening.

About after midnight: what we wrote this morning is largely unchanged: Showers will start decreasing in coverage and pulling east of us; meanwhile, the temp will drop. This will be a classic Middle Tennessee snow forecast: freezing temps chasing scattered precip —

Even if the freezing temperatures catch up to the rain (which seems unlikely right now), accumulation will be difficult.

Looks like the snow is just to the N and E of us:

But, we’re not ruling anything out, so I suppose, yeah . . .

Those driving east toward the plateau may see travel problems, but for us, neither advisories nor other travel concerns are anticipated.

Monday – Blergy – Wake Up 33°, High 39°

Cloudy. With a 10 mph wind, expect wind chills in the upper 20°s/low 30°s.

I can’t believe you did that to Brenda, Kelly. I don’t care if it was Dylan. That was terrible.

Warmer temps expected later this week.

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