Very Cold, Dry Week Ahead

Current Temps and Radar

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Quick Summary: Next 48 Hours

Lows in the 20°s, Highs in the 30°s

Discussion & Details

No snow is in the forecast for the work week. How about supercold temps instead!

Monday – Mostly Sunny, But Cold – 22° / 33°

On your way out the door in the morning, the wind chill will be 16°.

Tuesday – Mostly Sunny, Bit Warmer but Still Cold – 26° / 43°

Wednesday – Mostly Clear – Low to Mid 20°

When I started writing this, I thought: “I’ll just post GIFs!” I thought better of that. If we are going to endure these temperatures, I think you are owed an explanation.

Check out the 1048 mb high pressure center located in the black box at the MO/NE/OK border.

Winds spin clockwise around high pressure centers. When a high pressure center is positioned to our west, it’s perfectly placed to pull that cold Canadian air our way via a north wind.

This particular high-pressure center is impressively high.

Thursday Morning – WHEN WE WAKE UP IT’LL BE FOUR! FOUR DEGREES! – “High” 24°

In Middle Tennessee, a Wind Chill Advisory is issued when the wind chill is expected to get between -5° and -15°. We may be looking at that Thursday morning.

The GFS model has the wind chill at -5° Wednesday night at midnight:

During the Thursday morning commute, the GFS model has wind chills at -3°. The European model runs about 3° or 4° warmer. This may not reach advisory criteria, but who cares, it’ll be really cold.

Before it gets this crazy-cold, you might want to start thinking about getting ready for it.

20°s and 30°s will remain in the forecast Friday through next weekend. There is a brief mention of precipitation, but if that even happens, it’s unclear whether it would be rain or snow.

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