3 Random GIFs

Editor’s note. Yesterday I sent to The Intern 2.0 three random GIFs, and challenged him to incorporate them into today’s whatever-this-is.

Today – Increasing Clouds – High 50°

A disturbance originating out of the Northern Plains will make its way towards Middle Tennessee. We will not see anything explosive . . .

. . . associated with this disturbance as it nears. Only an increase in cloud cover overnight.

Wednesday – Light Showers Possible – Wake Up 30°, High 50°

The disturbance will drop into Middle Tennessee around noon and bring a chance for showers.

These showers will be of the pavement wetter variety (light showers) and will not feel like a skateboard to the dome.

Thanksgiving – Cool & Sunny – Wake Up 34°, High 44°

The showers will have completely mooooved

on out of Nashville during the early morning hours, leaving us dry and mostly sunny for the rest of the day!

Make sure to eat more chicken (or turkey) this Thanksgiving!