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At 3:32 PM Monday, we tied the record high temp for October 27 (84°, set in 1940 and 1919). The temp was at 82° at 3 PM and 82° at 4 PM, but when the average temp for five minutes reached 84° at 3:32 PM, the record was tied.

Something to tell the grandkids about. Someone print a t-shirt.

Tuesday – Rain, Few Innocent Thunderstorms – Wake Up 63°, High 79°

We still think rain will arrive after noon. The NAM has a pretty good take on this. Here it is at 1 PM.

18z sim rad

We expect rain will continue through Tuesday night. It should end Wednesday morning. 1″ of rain is expected.

A few thunderstorms may come along with it, but nothing strong is expected. Strong/severe dynamics will be found safely to our NE (as in Ohio).

Wednesday – Drying & Cool – Wake Up 53°, High 65°

A dry, cooler pattern returns.

Trick-or-Treat looks pretty good. Expecting 57° at sundown, with rain unlikely.

The Weekend still looks cold.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

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