Rain & Maybe a Thunderstorm Today, Fall Tomorrow

TodayLate Morning/Early Afternoon Rain – High 84°

Just before 7 AM, a cold front was pushing a line of showers and thunderstorms across the Ohio River:

KPAH Paducah, KY - GRLevel3 2014-09-21 06.56.08

At 9:20 AM, the showers were fizzling ahead of the front:

GREarth 2014-09-21 09.21.51

That said, some models think a new line of rain/storms will form around 2 PM.

There remains a small chance the storms will misbehave. The Storm Prediction Center still thinks there’s a probability of a 58 MPH wind gust, but the SPC removed us from any risk of 1″ hail happening to or within 25 miles of us is 5%. Don’t bet on that, though. Look for less than 0.10″ of rain.

Here is the NWS synopsis:

NWS - Internet Explorer 2014-09-21 07.16.06

The passage of the rain will signal the arrival of the cold front. This afternoon, you may notice the winds shift from out of the west to out of the north. The north wind will slowly ease a very humid airmass out of both counties, slashing dewpoints at 67° today to 47° tomorrow.

MondayTrust Me, Fall Weather Returns – Wake Up 57°, High 73°

fall animated GIF

Sun is expected Monday through Friday, with temps never getting higher than 82°.

EditingAndLayout animated GIF

Extended Forecast:

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 36.17°N and Longitude 86.78°W (Elev. 479 ft) - Internet Explorer 2014-09-21 07.07.31

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