Dreary to Sunny

A weak cold front came and went this morning, but there is still some lingering moisture squeezing out a few light showers and this ridiculous drizzle. This guy loves it.

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You may briefly wish for an umbrella, but we don’t think anything tonight will get rained out. We’ll hit 77° today.

Our chance of rain will set with the sun.

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WednesdaySunny, but Beware the Northwest Flow – Wake Up 55°, High 78°

It’s supposed to be mostly sunny, but beware the upper level winds blowing out of the northwest. They’re unpredictable.

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Don’t smoke, kids!

Some of the models think some rain might devleop to our NW, and get caught up in those winds and blow our way, but we don’t really think so.

That said, the models also were terrible yesterday. We thought it wouldn’t rain, and it did.

ThursdayMostly Sunny – Wake Up 55°, High 79°

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Extended Forecast

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 36.17°N and Longitude 86.78°W (Elev. 479 ft) - Windows Internet Explorer 2014-09-16 11.37.18

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