Week At A Glance

86 Monday 

The clouds which ruled Sunday should shove off Monday, allowing temps to climb to 86. Humidity, however, will remain sane.

88 Tuesday

Tuesday will also be kind to us (no rain, high 88), but by Tuesday night, “return flow” begins.

Yes, Return Flow.

That means south winds, and humidity. It makes babies cry.

90 Wednesday, 81 Thursday

Another cold front will approach, bringing rain. Dewpoints will again soar to near 70, making it feel a lot like last Saturday. The best chance of rain will be Thursday (which explains the lower temps). A few storms are possible, but severe weather isn’t expected.

75 Friday

A few showers are possible behind the departing front Friday, but right now we think wet weather won’t wreak havoc on Friday night HS football games.

The Weekend: 74 Saturday, 78 Sunday, & Mostly Sunny

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