When We Will Find What We’re Looking For

When will fall return? If not fall, a taste of fall? Keep reading.

At 6 PM, the cold front had already pushed through Davidson and most of Williamson Counties:

Current Temp:

Dew points are still hanging around 70, so the humidity hasn’t been eliminated, despite the nice breeze from the north.

There remains a remote chance of a light sprinkler tonight, but given the dynamics in place and radar trends, that’s very unlikely. The HRRR (weather model) thinks rain chances are nil after dark tonight.

SundayClouds & a Smidge of Sun – Wake Up 68, High 85

What we saw Saturday wasn’t the dramatic, powerful, fall-announcing cold front we were looking for.

No rain Sunday, but clouds are expected to linger. The good news is the humidity will be dramatically less.

The cold front we all want to see is expected sometime Thursday. Sure, it’ll set off showers and storms on its approach, but by the time it clears, “pleasant early fall weather” (NWS’s words, not mine) will arrive by the weekend. Highs Friday & Saturday are 75.

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