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Rain Unlikely, but Possible Today. Rain Tomorrow.

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

High clouds will stream into Middle Tennessee, announcing the return of humidity and rain/storm chances tomorrow.

This morning I said “rain is not expected Saturday,” and, at the time (9:26 AM), I didn’t expect it. But it appears a weak disturbance is approaching . . .

. . . so we can’t rule out rain entirely. 

Rain is likely Sunday.

We expect rain to begin between mid-morning and mid-afternoon (NAM model, 10 AM Sunday) …

… and really intensify Sunday night.

Over an inch is expected to fall through Monday morning at 7 AM:

Thunderstorms are possible, but severe weather is not expected. We may see some strong winds in heavier downpours, but winds aren’t expected to hit the 58 mph threshold needed to classify a thunderstorm as severe.

Thunderstorm chances continue Tuesday through Saturday as a series of disturbances will ripple through the atmosphere, carried into Middle TN by a NW wind. It’s the Northwest Flow!

“What’s Northwest Flow?” you’re probably not asking. It’s this!

Meanwhile, high temps will reach the low 90s. With dewpoints approaching 70, August heat & humidity will be in full force.

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