Heat, Storms (Maybe), then Cool

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

The Intern will be in-and-out over the next few weeks. A great time to experiment with different formats!

Those storms strafing Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana Saturday night ….

Current Radar Loop

… are lining up on the warm side of a cold front. That cold front will descend into Middle Tennessee Monday, bringing along unseasonably cool temps yet again.

But first, we’ll have to suffer one more day — Sunday — with some of the hottest temps, and humid air, we’ve seen all month.

It’ll be in the mid-70s when we wake up. By noon, it’ll be 91, and by 4 PM, 95, with a “feels like” temp of 99.

Rain may be possible late Saturday night/overnight into Sunday morning, but the furthest that storm cluster should get to us will be around I-65 near the KY border, so don’t count on any precip until Sunday afternoon. But, yeah, as for Sunday morning:

Things get mildly interesting Sunday afternoon. First, it’ll be pretty windy, with gusts approaching 20 MPH.

More important, however: the Storm Prediction Center has included us in its “Slight” Risk for severe weather for Sunday afternoon and evening:

This event isn’t looking all that organized for us. We aren’t expecting a ton of rain; in fact, some in Middle Tennessee may not see much/any rain at all.

Some of us, however, may see a few strong to severe thunderstorms Sunday evening, with damaging straight-line winds and large hail being the main concern. Frequent lightning is also a concern.

As you can see, we expect the worst of the weather to be located well to our NE:

spc ady 2

Most of the models depict a vigorous storm system to our NE, but very little for us. The most aggressive/stormiest model seems to be the HRW-N, which brings through a thin line of strong storms around 10 PM Sunday:

GREarth 2014-07-26 16.51.04


This looks like a “meh” system for us, but stay tuned. We are never always right.

The work week will be unseasonably cool. High temps Monday will be in the mid 80s. The high in Nashville Tuesday is 81, Wednesday it’ll be 83. During those overnight hours, we may dip into the 50s! Loved this gif from The Intern this morning, so I’m leaving it here.

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