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Three Day Weekend!

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I gave The Intern 2.0 a three day weekend. He earned it. You’re stuck with me.

FourthCastTwo Years AgoRecord Heat

It was the hottest Fourth since 1871: 103°.

FourthCastLast YearWet Mess

Rained everyone out. 1.9″ of rain.


Way below normal temps, way below normal humidity, clear skies, no chance of rain.

Why? High pressure located in the Plains/Midwest. See that big H (also called a “ridge”) in Missouri, below (as of 9:25 AM)? That’s the reason. Winds rotate clockwise around an H. It’s in the perfect spot to pull the cooler, less humid air into Middle TN:

That H won’t stay there forever. But while it does….

Most fireworks shows begin at 9 PM, when the temp will be 74°, with clear skies, and a light north breeze.

The WeekendThe H Moves – 58° Sat 86°, 65° Sun 90°

(Note: the above is the wake up temp, then day of the week, then high temp).

By Sunday morning….

Notice the H, above? It left its happy place! Even worse, it’s out in the Atlantic, with another one in NW North Carolina….

It’s on the wrong side!  We’ll have to deal with a slow increase in humidity and higher temps this weekend. The good news, though, is no rain this weekend. Next chance of rain arrives Monday night.

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