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Tonight – Scattered Thunderstorms  10 PM Temp 75

Low pressure continues to spin to our SW. It’s now lingering over the ArkLaMs (see below), and it’s to blame for all the counterclockwise rain/storm movement in the radar image above. It’s not moving very fast, and it’s tapping** tons of Gulf of Mexico moisture.

(**Editor’s Note: I would have chosen a different word)

Everyone will probably see at least a little rain before the night’s end, but no severe weather is forecast.

Editor’s Note: Notice that the low is spinning showers N, but because we’re far enough away from the center of the low, most of the showers have been “turning left” (west) and missing us. Many of you have been asking “rain/no rain” for various chunks of time, but all we can really do is reply with what the weather models say — and they have different solutions. One day, the science will catch up with the demand for very specific information, but until then, I’m not going to pretend we have a certainty we don’t have. I think the only honest way to handle those questions is by acknowledging, as @spann says, “we aren’t that good” (and @spann is 1,000 times better than I’ll ever be). 

HRRR Midnight Tonight:

Friday – Scattered Thunderstorms – Wake Up 65, High 85

Early morning patchy fog is likely.

On a regional scale, things will be a little less active than Thursday, but that will be little consolation if we’re again chosen by the aforementioned and still-lingering low pressure system to get rain. Severe weather remains out of the forecast, although it is possible we may see an isolated strong storm.

Saturday  Isolated Thunderstorms  Wake Up 65, High 88

The low pressure will finally regress, and with it, our rain chances. Still, an isolated storm remains possible, especially in the afternoon.

Keep in mind all temps are taken in the shade.


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Pro Tip: If you’re going to creatively beat the heat, consult physics:

Official NWS Extended Forecast:

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