Army Spc. Jason K. Edens

He was from Franklin.

I didn’t know him, but he was known, and as I long as I’m doing this, he’ll be the one we remember.

Many of you lined the streets in Franklin during his funeral procession.

I feel alot of things when I watch that (above), or read this (below). I’m sure you do, too.

I really don’t have any opinions I want to share here. They’re too mixed up in emotions of sadness, anger, respect, admiration, and duty to be coherent.

I just think it’s important, rather than discuss the why’s and the should’s or focus on any issues, to simply take today to remember the men and women who’ve been killed, to acknowledge they were real people with husbands and wives and kids and parents and friends, to acknowledge the grief from their loss, and pay respects to their families the only way we know how. By remembering them.

Seven months after he was killed, Jason’s widow, Ashley, did this.

It’ll be hot and humid today. Rain, maybe a thunderstorm, will be most likely during peak heating. HRRR at 2 PM:

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