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Behold, the Cold Front Cometh, & Bringeth Pain

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Tonight – There’s So Much To Say 

Blame what you’re about to read on the cold front, which was crossing Jackson at 2:40 PM:

This Cold Front is Full of Shenanigans

1.  Rain/Thunderstorms

They’re marching NE. If you don’t want to the check the “real-time” radars looping above, consider the HRRR’s opinion of an ETA of 6 to 7 PM:

We’re all getting rain tonight and in the morning. It should be over by noon Tuesday. We expect a total of 0.88″, which is enough to rain out most, if not all, recreational sports activities Monday and Tuesday night.

Some lightning is possible (it was happening in the Memphis area early this afternoon), but we shouldn’t see much/any. Also, no severe weather is expected.

2.  A Wind Advisory is in effect until the evening rush hour Tuesday. Check out this 36-hours-from-now meteogram (wind gusts on the top line, sustained winds on the bottom)

The strongest winds will only be blowing cold air, y’all. Winds will gust as high as 32 mph.

3.  Cold. Really, Really Cold.

While the winds increase, the temps will plummet. Check out the Temps (red line) / Wind Chill (blue line) meteogram over the next 48 hours:

Wake-up wind chills Tuesday morning will be near freezing.

Wednesday morning, temps and wind chills will be below freezing.

For this reason, a Freeze Watch is in effect for the Wednesday morning predawn hours:

Yes, Ron.



4.  I Heard It Might Snow?!?


A few models were spitting that out yesterday, and it was part of yesterday’s forecast discussion, but today “snow” appears no where in any NWS grid or forecast. It got a dismissive wave from the NWS this afternoon:

So, let’s just carefully set this topic over there, and not speak of it again this Spring.

So, to review:

Rest of the Week

The thing about Spring is it says “I’m sorry” by doing this:

We’ll forgive you. (On Thursday.)

Finally, a big thanks to Will and The Intern for shouldering the workload over the weekend and early this morning. I was in Texas, but I’m back! I pedaled (it’s NOT a “ride”) in the MS 150 (a bike “ride” from Houston to Austin). For me, it was the MS 85. Those who did 86+ miles are nuts. Their determination is also the reason AMERICA IS THE TWO TIME WORLD WAR CHAMP.

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