Quick Shot of Rain Tonight; Wonderful Weekend!

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Current Radar Loops

Temp & Rain Probabilities Next 36 Hours (auto-updating)

Tonight – Isolated Thunderstorm — 64 at 10 PM 

Yesterday I said: “There is a chance that these showers could overachieve with a heavier isolated thunderstorm, but I doubt it.”

Well guess what?!

They overachieved so much so, that they have severe thunderstorm warnings on them right now (4 PM). They won’t be severe by the time they reach us, but certainly enough to ruin your evening if you get caught in the rain.

HRRR model 4 pm Friday – 1 am Saturday says rain arrives tonight at 8 pm:

Hi-Res NAM model (which last night predicted these storms would develop tonight) has them arriving at 7 pm tonight:


RAP model has thunderstorms knocking on our door at 6 pm:


So, as you can see, timing is a little difficult +/- a few hours. Check Twitter for more updates on an exact ETA.

The trickiest thing here is that the models think the storms will weaken just as they arrive in the Nashville area. #Watching

Saturday – Mostly Sunny – Wake Up 55 / Afternoon High 79

If you were not able to enjoy Friday’s (afternoon) weather, it’s OK!

We have another — even better — day on tap Saturday! #BrightSide #Literally

Sunday – Increasing Clouds & Windy– Wake Up 58 / Afternoon High 81

We aren’t expecting rain, but clouds and gusty winds (up to 30 mph) will announce the rotten weather Monday.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.49.58 PM

Rain/Thunderstorms Monday PM; Colder Temps Rest of Work Week

GFS model Sunday 7 pm – Tuesday 1 pm:

Some of the storms Monday may be strong to severe. No outbreak of severe weather is expected, but we may see some hefty thunderstorms.

Check out the snow in Kentucky and East Tennessee. Just gives you an idea of how much temps will be dropping behind this COLD front.

In Middle Tennessee, a frost is possible Tuesday night. FROST!

This website supplements info @NashSevereWx on Twitter.