More Rain On The Way

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Current Radar Loops

(By the way, on the above radar: see the blue stuff that’s not moving near the radar site? That’s radar clutter, not rain).

TonightClouds Approach – 10 PM 47

Here comes the next weather system. This is the water vapor imagery (the white colors indicate a large amount of water in the air, the dark colors indicate drier air):

That water vapor image looks like rain is streaming in here tonight, but it’s not. The rain arrives tomorrow.

SundayChilly Morning; Evening Rain – Wake Up 38, PM High 66

As clouds continue to pile in, we’ll look toward the southwest as the next rainmaker arrives.

By 7 PM, the Hi-Res NAM turns the rain switch to “ON,” see below:

This model matches the official NWS “rain start” time. Individual results may vary.

A few thunderstorms are possible, but severe weather is forecast to stay well south of us:

Monday Morning Rain; Afternoon Clearing – Wake Up 55, PM High 65

Rain and a few thunderstorms will continue through the wee hours, ending around noon.

By the time it’s all over, we’ll collect about 1.15″ of rain. Your [ball must roll on ground] game is very likely to rain out.

There’s a small chance of a few additional light showers Monday night and Tuesday.

The rest of the week looks pretty good!

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