Review of Last Night’s Storms, Next Rain/Storm Event (Sun/Mon)

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Current Radar Loops

Last Night In Review

Actually, instead of “last night,” I should say “early this morning . . . ”

  • We had three concurrent Severe Thunderstorm Warnings:

  • Just after the storms pushed east and out of Davidson and Williamson Counties, straight-line winds at 80 mph destroyed two commercial roofs and uprooted trees in Rutherford County.
  • Several Bradford Pear trees — apparently made of #ButterWood — fell. It’s unclear whether the flapping wings of a butterfly toppled them before the strong winds arrived. You all cheered their demise.
  • Stephen Hook (@NERR568) sent this timelapse of the storm as it passed through the greatest town in the South according to literate gardeners and gun owners:

  • At 4:01 AM, I nerded out over a Mesoscale Convective Vortex, whereupon I spiraled out of control, prompting this:A fair assessment. I own it. And I don’t apologize. If your Weathernerd doesn’t occasionally spiral out of control wxnerding out, you need another Weathernerd.

TonightClearing; Chillier – 10 PM 52

Saturday – Cooler, Mostly Sunny – Wake Up 41, Noon 56, High 60, 10 PM 49

SundayClouds Increase; Raining After Dark – Wake Up 41, PM High 68

A low pressure system will approach from the SW, arrive in Middle Tennessee Sunday night, and drench us. Anywhere between 0.75″ and 1.01″ of rain is expected.

Rain will continue overnight and into Monday morning:

Rain isn’t forecast to end until noon/early afternoon Monday. Your [ball must roll on the ground] game Monday night will very likely get rained out.

Thunderstorms are expected to accompany the rain. Currently, severe weather is not expected; however, if the surface low passes more to our NW (instead of passing straight over us), a few severe storms may be possible.

Highs: Wed (62°), Thu (71°), and Fri (72°).

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