Weekend of #SpringFail

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Current Radar Loop

Temps & Rain Probabilities Next 36 Hours (auto-updating)

It’s National Flood Safety Awareness Week! 

Today’s topic is a little more complex. Our NWS does a great job explaining:

Friday Night – Increasing Clouds

It’s been a gorgeous first full day of Spring! Tonight that trend will continue.

Can’t rule out a sprinkle of rain after midnight.

Saturday – Rain on the Way – Morning Low 50 / Afternoon High 63

A cold front is approaching, which will kickoff our weekend of #SpringFail.

Someone is not taking the news well…

If only it was as easy as beating Winter to a pulp.


Check out the temp/rain graphic above. Rain is most likely between 7:00a and Noon, chances drop off a bit, then increase again after dark.

This seems to track . . .

The Models: Morning Edition

UPDATE: RAP is “in range” and is showing dry weather in the morning:

WRF: Rain at 6:00a

Hi-Res NAM: 8:00a — rain misses us (barely)

GFS: 1:00a – 7:00a (GFS gives us very light/no rain rest of the morning)

Euro (not shown) think it will rain in the morning, but only south of I-40.

Most of the models think most of the afternoon Saturday will be rain-free; however, there’s at least a very small chance of rain during the afternoon hours. Late Saturday night, the rain returns.

The Models: Evening Edition

WRF: Rain resumes around 11:00p

Hi-Res NAM: Big rains begin around 10:00 pm

GFS thinks the rain will arrive after midnight:

Euro (not shown) brings more rain into Middle TN late Saturday night, but, again, it has most of it falling well south of I-40.

SundayColder – Morning Low 40 / Afternoon High 51

Rain will end by mid-morning. A north wind will drive early morning wind chills in the 30s. #SpringFail

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

Yeah, that says snow, but that’s just a chance of snow, and if it happens, no accumulation is expected.


There is no official phobia for the fear of Winter, so Cheimatophobia will have to do (fear of cold).

GFS Model (temperature) Tuesday 1:00a – Thursday 7:00a:

Not even Superman can save you from the evil villain Old Man Winter.

This website supplements info @NashSevereWx on Twitter.