No Need To Panic: Maybe a Little Freezing Rain/Ice Overnight

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Sunday  Rain and Winter?  – Temps Falling Through the 40s, Into the 30s

Water vapor imagery illustrates today’s wet — and possibly wintry — weather.

As you can see above, most of the heavy rain (bright white) has moved east, but more off-and-on rain and drizzly stuff will continue tonight and overnight.

While the rain/drizzle continues, temps are dropping. After midnight, we’ll be very close — or at — freezing.

This prompted the following Special Weather Statement from our NWS:

Models keep almost all precip in the warm/above freezing temps, but we are not totally in the clear.

The Hi-Res NAM has almost all the rain on the “warm” side of the freezing line; by 3 AM, freezing temps arrive, but only very little precip remains:

The GFS thinks we’ll see a little freezing rain overnight:

The RAP predicts we won’t even make it to freezing, with no precip on the “cold” side of the line. Here it is at 7 AM:

Any ice accumulation will be very, very light, but it only take a little ice to cause travel problems.

Monday – Mostly Cloudy  Morning Low 32 / Afternoon High 51

Any ice that develops will melt quickly. Clouds will dominate, and despite a chilly north wind, we’ll begin the process of warming up.

Tuesday – Partly Sunny & Warmer  Morning Low 37 / Afternoon High 62

That’s better.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

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