Not. Even. Close.

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Tonight – Mostly Cloudy

We were supposed to hit 52 today. We. Were. Not. Even. Close.

We made it to . . . 41.

Here’s why:  A temperature inversion — a cooler layer of air underneath a warmer layer of air — trapped fog and clouds this morning. Cool air does not rise, especially not through a warmer layer on top. The fog and clouds prevented sunlight, which kept temps way down.

Visible Satellite image from 1:45 this afternoon:

Intellicast - Visible Satellite in Nashville, Tennessee 2014-03-05 14-05-01 2014-03-05 14-12-57

We don’t think that clearing line will reach Nashville before the sun sets. Without the sunlight, we didn’t make it to our high temp, and we’ll have another chilly evening.

Thursday – Mostly Cloudy  Morning Low 30 / Afternoon High 50

We think the inversion will resolve itself and we’ll see some warmer temps. We will make another run at 50. There’s a small chance of light rain clipping us from the south, but that’s unlikely.

Friday – Mostly Sunny   Morning Low 31 / Afternoon High 60

That’s better.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 2.01.19 PM

This makes me feel better:

The Climate Prediction Center still expects below average temps for next week (March 11-15) …

… and, generally, things will be dry. Precip chances are below average (March 11-15):

If you look even further forward (March 13-19), you’ll see even more cooler temps …

… with below-average rainfall (March 13-19):

Additional information can be found on Twitter @NashSevereWx.