Trending Warmer…Slowly

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Tonight – Mostly Cloudy

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Clouds, sent here by an overachieving low pressure system in the Gulf, held down temps today.


Wednesday – Partly Sunny  Morning Low 27 / Afternoon High 53

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-03-04 15-25-34 2014-03-04 15-27-12

Any lingering ice will be smote by higher temps Wednesday.

Hey Snoop, are temps only 5° below average?

Really? Thanks, Snoop!

Thursday – Mostly Cloudy; Slight Chance of AM Shower   Morning Low 32 / Afternoon High 50

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-03-04 15-27-42 2014-03-04 15-29-08

There is a teeny, tiny chance of freezing rain Thursday morning, but it’s too remote of a possibility to dig in to. If it happened, it would have very little to no impact.

Not expecting any meaningful rain. Our NWS is only giving us a 20% chance.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.50.54 PM

The Climate Prediction Center still expects below average temps for next week (March 10-14):

Additional information can be found on Twitter @NashSevereWx.