Next #SnowDome Challenger: Tuesday Night

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour)

Current Radar Loop

Review of February 20 Severe Storms

There was one tornado (EF-1) in Middle Tennessee, in Coffee County, which will be added to the SPC map, above.

Tonight – Increasing Clouds

Temps Next 24 Hours (auto-updating)

Clouds will increase as our potential snowmaker in the Gulf of Mexico begins to develop.


Tuesday – Mostly Cloudy; Snow/Rain Chances Late  Morning Low 29 / Afternoon High 49

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-24 15-23-52 2014-02-24 15-26-18

Our 2nd cold front this week (first arrived yesterday) will arrive, blowing north winds and reinforcing cold air. Meanwhile, a precip-making weather system will approach from the Gulf of Mexico. There’s uncertainty about whether “enough” of the system will make it to Middle Tennessee, and, if it does, whether it will have enough moisture to deliver snow that will actually reach the ground.

Right now, our NWS believes most of the precip will stay well to our south, but there should be just enough moisture to produce no more than a light dusting.

(Editor’s Note. Alert! The Intern is making a call!

I’m personally a bit skeptical.

(Editor’s Note: #SnowDome is powerful).

What will really happen — no one knows for certain. Officially, there’s a “chance” of snow beginning 6 PM Tuesday, ending 3 AM Wednesday. Read the official NWS statement on snow here.

All the models agree by keeping snow accumulation confined to our north (into Kentucky) and some, like the GFS, put snow to our north and south:

#SnowDome is a big favorite vs Snow Tuesday night.

Wednesday – Sunny & COLD  Morning Low 22 / Afternoon High 32

 National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-24 15-26-50 2014-02-24 15-29-00

Any snowfall we get won’t be going anywhere Wednesday. Temps are forecast to stay below freezing.

Yes, the groundhog was right: 6 more weeks of Winter looks accurate. “Meteorological Spring” — which starts March 1st — is going to start off cold.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 3.55.58 PM