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Today – Mostly Sunny & Warm – Morning Low 34 / Afternoon High 67

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-22 05-43-49 2014-02-22 05-46-33

Sunday – Partly Sunny, Small Chance of an Afternoon Shower – Morning Low 42 / Afternoon High 59

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-22 05-47-04 2014-02-22 05-49-45

A weak cold front will arrive Sunday morning, and bring with it a small chance of rain. I scheduled soccer practice Sunday afternoon, and am not really worried about getting rained out.


Sunday will be our last day of 60s, then . . .

Winter Returns.

If Winter were to end today, it would be the 4th coldest US Winter on record, and the coldest since 1979.


(I broke the Countdown to Spring widget. The Intern is traveling and will fix it tomorrow)

Monday – Colder; Mostly Sunny  Morning Low 29 / Afternoon High 54

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-22 05-50-28 2014-02-22 05-52-38

Mostly sunny during the day. Clouds build back in late, announcing the arrival of a cold front that could bring us a few sNOwflakes Tuesday night.

Official Extended NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 6.19.16 AM

NWS thinks there will be a transition from rain to snow Tuesday in Middle Tennessee. Exactly where, precisely when, and how much is unknown. We will know more the closer we get to Tuesday.

Temps crash below freezing Wednesday.


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