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So We’re Telling You There’s a Chance. Again.

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Tonight – Cloudy & Cold  Midnight Temp 22

The Dry Air Monster ate our snow this morning, and there’s no chance of snow tonight. Sorry y’all!

The Countdown to Spring continues:

Either you can be happy Spring is coming or be encouraged there is still time for us to see a winter storm. #PositiveThinking

(Editor’s Note: It’s funny how The Intern thinks there is hope we will have a winter storm)

Tuesday – Decreasing Clouds; Freezing  Morning Low 19 / Afternoon High 32

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-10 15-04-27

The sun returns. Still very cold outside, with no snow.

Wednesday – Mostly Cloudy, Snow/Sleet?  Morning Low 24 / Afternoon High 38

National Weather Service Text Product Display 2014-02-10 15-06-57

A winter storm is forecast to be ongoing from from Mississippi to South Carolina. But, not here!

The European is the only weather model giving us a glimmer of hope of snow Wednesday night. All the other models “sNOw dome” us once again.

However, uncertainty remains with this forecast. Although we think we will be sNOw free, there’s still a chance we will see a few inches.

Actually, our NWS is giving us a 40% chance of snow/sleet. Only Lloyd Christmas is excited.

Stay tuned as this impossible forecast is fined tuned. I’m counting more white hairs by the hour…

Official extended NWS Forecast:

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.51.12 PM

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