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Tonight – 32 and falling

MondayTwo Chances for Snow – AM Low 24, PM High 33

Chance #1: “None to a Dusting” Monday morning:

Chance #2: Monday Night . . . for Southern Middle Tennessee along the Alabama State Line.

Confidence in this snow even happening in southern Middle TN is decreasing.

For us, the GFS predicts no snow for us. The Canadian model also shuts us out. The Euro thinks we may see a dusting around noon Monday. The NAM kind of supports the Euro, and wants a few very light flakes to fly.

None of it, however, looks like enough snow to cause many (or any) problems.

Tuesday (AM Low 17, PM High 33) continues the “we don’t know about snow” theme:

However, the NAM provides snow hope for Tuesday night.

But, the GFS completely shuts us out all day Tuesday. It’s not like it’s delaying the snow until Wednesday, either.

The Euro also sends the snow-making low pressure center to our SE on Wednesday, missing us. The Canadian model also does not like our snow chances.

Will it snow this week? Honestly, no idea. It does not look good, but I would not be surprised by anything.

What he said.