I Had To Write “Minus” Too Much

Current Official Hourly Observation (taken at :53 on the hour) & Radar

Today – Sunny Morning/Afternoon, Windy & Mild, Clouds Tonight – Afternoon High 56

12p 48 . 3p 55 . 6p 54 . 9p 51 . Monday 12a 48

Remember, all these temps are in the shade!

Monday – Another Arctic Blast; Cloudy Morning, Becoming Partly Sunny – Morning Low 48, Afternoon High 30, but 19 by 6 PM

Rain/Snow. Probably not. As the cold front passes in the early morning hours, there may be a few very light (so light, it’s barely worth discussing) showers just ahead of it. This is illustrated here on the Hi-Res NAM model (4 AM):

This precip may not even reach the ground, and if it does, it’s likely to fall as a drizzle/rain.

The same kind of light precip may fall on the “cold” side of the freezing line (Hi-Res NAM 7 AM):

Pay little attention to the timing on this. The NAM (above) is probably a few hours slow. Just know this will happen sometime in the wee hours of the morning. By the way, the GFS doesn’t think we’ll see any precip, but the Euro does. Our NWS Is “not anticipating any precip with this clipper system.”

Bottom Line: we are not expecting any measurable or accumulating snow.

Temps: Yesterday’s blog showed Monday’s temps crashing pretty quickly. Today, we don’t think temps will plunge quite as fast, but they will be dropping all day long. Usually, sunrise increases the temp, but that won’t happen tomorrow:

3a 42 . 6a 35 . 9a 26 . 12p 26 . 3p 19 . 6p 14 . 9p 12

Feels Like/Wind Chills:

3a 34 . 6a 24 . 9a 12 . 12p 13 . 3p 10 . 6p 5 . 9p -1

Why so cold? North winds will be sustained in the 14 to 18 mph range all day.

Not really.

TuesdayColdest Day of the Week; Morning Wind Chills As Cold As Minus 10 – Morning Low 6, Afternoon High 18 

3a 9 . 6a 7 . 9a 10 . 12p 15 . 3p 17 . 6p 14 . Wednesday 12a 9

Stronger morning winds will drive the wind chills lower than in the evening, when the wind lets up a bit. Tuesday morning will simply be brutally cold.

It’ll be partly sunny . . .

No snow. Dew points will be -6 to -12. You’ll need chapstick.

I don’t want to leave you with all this cold weather in your head. Today’s going to be great.

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